Shelly Reuben


Although I had been writing articles on fire investigation for The Forensic Examiner for many years, it was not until 2011 that I gave them my first story. The magazine wasn’t accustomed to publishing literary fiction, and I wasn’t used to writing short stories, but it turned into a perfect marriage, enhanced by the beautiful layouts and artwork imagined by Brandon Alms. Brandon also designed the book cover for  The Man with the Glass Heart and The Boys of Sabbath Street. Subsequently, my Forensic Examiner stories were republished in The Evening Sun and HuntingtonNews.Net Eventually, I compiled them in a collection called Dabbling in Crime. Since short stories were my first love, I have continued to write them, and most recently, forty-six stories about working at The Happy Store appeared in both of my newspaper columns.  
Death of a Violinist.  –  Winter 2011
Tsk. Tsk. –  Spring 2011
                                                                  A Terrible Thing to Do – Summer 2011  
Mrs. Pomfrey’s Elderberry Wine – Spring 2012
Hero Worship Eyes – Summer 2012
You Again.Winter 2012  – Spring 2013
The Human Book – Summer 2013
Never A Cross Word – Winter 2013  –  Spring 2014
My Beautiful, Beautiful Daughter
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