Spent Matches Cover

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Someone set a fire at the Ziegfeld Art Museum and Wylie Nolan and Max Bramble have been brought in to investigate.
It’s a “locked room” mystery that couldn’t possibly have occurred. But it did.
A controversial exhibition of gloomy, expressionist assemblages burst into flame, and Wylie suddenly has to reconstruct one of the most puzzling fires of his career.
Pivotal to the action are beautiful art curator Georgiana Weeks, an exhibition of exquisite Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and plenty of suspects, including young, unworldly Camden Kimcannon, a likeable misfit stuck in an imaginary past.
When Wylie Nolan investigates, he calls it as he sees it, and he sees things that nobody else notices in the spent matches, debris, and ashes at the scene of a fire.

Praise for Spent Matches

“The characters are so combustible that you keep expecting them to go up in flames from the fragile young artist, who longs to live in the Camelot of Arthurian lore to the briskly professional curator who secretly yearns for membership in the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. Some fires, it seems are in the belly.”  The New York Times book Review

“It’s pure delight-might be the most entertaining mystery you’ll read all year.”  Les Roberts – The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

“It’s a classic ‘locked-room’ mystery with a brilliant unraveling.”   Chicago Sun Times
“I couldn’t put the book down – when the last chapter was finished, I wanted more and that’s the kind of feeling one should always have after reading a good book. This book will touch your soul and cause you to think.”   Bronx Times Reporter