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When Artemus Ackerman, retired magician and mayor of Calendar, hears about the first fire on Sabbath Street, he sends his publicist, Maggie Wakeling, to the fire department to find out what caused it.

Artemus, who still performs conjuring tricks for his constituents, has his heart set on turning the shabbily elegant Baldwin Theater into a museum of magic.  All he has to do is convince wealthy widow Claudette Goodwin to donate the Baldwin to his beloved town.

But the theater is located on Sabbath Street, where that first disastrous fire had occurred.  Then there is a second fire on Sabbath Street.  And a third.

Certain that Claudette will never invest money in such an incendiary location, Artemus orders Maggie to follow the trail of char.  First to Fire Marshal George Copeland.  Then to The Boys of Sabbath Street, who had so valiantly saved occupants from two of the fires.

And finally to…?

Add to the mix Mayor Ackerman’s romantic attraction to the Claudette Goodwin, Maggie’s determination not to be attracted to Fire Marshal Copeland, and the idiosyncratic residents of Calendar.  The result is a fascinating romp through the world of fire investigation and an introduction to people you will wish lived across the street, instead of only in the pages of this book.

Praise for The Boys of Sabbath Street

Shelly Reuben is a magical storyteller: Her new book, The Boys of Sabbath Street, displays what magical storytelling is all  about.  David M. Kinchen, Book Critic for HuntingtonNews.Net

If you are interested in magic, and who isn’t, you will love this delightful story. If you are charmed by people falling in love you will love this story.  And if you like a good mystery you will love this story. Albert Ashforth – Author of The Rendition

An outstanding tour de force, fast-moving, funny, full of surprises, with a most satisfactory conclusion. A licensed detective and fire investigator, Shelly Reuben knows what she’s talking about and knows how to write an enjoyable mystery.  Robert Rusting – Rusting Publications

Shelly Reuben crafts a tale around her professional expertise as a Fire and Arson Investigator which is both dramatic and empathetic, topped with a little romance-Reuben is staking out a sub-genre that no one else can touch without getting severely burnt.   Jules Brenner – Critical Mystery Tour

A witty and thought-provoking look at what happens when crime comes to a small, close-knit community. This is a story about crimes and their investigation.  It is also a story about family, about love, about hope, oh, and about magic too.   Margot Kinberg – Author of the Joel Williams Mysteries

You will be smiling within the first few paragraphs and won’t be able to stop until the last page. Merriment and an intriguing adventure awaits within the pages of this mesmerizing story. Quirky characters, bubbly dialogue, and a titillating saga will hold you captive for a pleasurable read. Mason Canyon – Thoughts in Progress