The Skirt Man

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Every small town has an eccentric or two, and Killdeer, New York, is no exception.  Morgan Mason attracts more than a few stares when he drives through town on his ramshackle tractor wearing a skirt. 
His sister is mortified, his neighbor resents the Skirt Man’s interference, and a local preservationist is horrified by Morgan’s huge satellite dish.

These minor small-town annoyances become more serious, and deadly, when the Skirt Man is killed in a tragic house fire during a benefit ballet performance starring Meredith Bly.  Meredith’s father, State Trooper Sebastian Bly, and her uncle, Fire Marshal Billy Nightingale, are called in to investigate what some say is a case of spontaneous human combustion.  Charred wood and chair remnants at the fire scene lead Sebastian and Billy to uncover clues that reveal hidden conflicts and a shocking discovery that will change the lives of everyone in Killdeer.

Bringing back the brave and imaginative family team from Tabula Rasa, author and fire investigator Shelly Reuben fans the flames of small-town passion and breathes life into an unusual local hero.

Praise for The Skirt Man

The eccentric, funny characters keep coming in novels by Shelly Reuben. If you’re looking for a perfect book to take along on vacation, this is it.  David M. Kinchen – Book Critic – Hunting News Network. 

The Skirt Man is the perfect murder mystery for me. The warm conversational tone in Reuben’s storytelling of The Skirt Man gives the novel strength. It’s a difficult book to put down once you start reading.   ARMCHAIR INTERVIEWS.COM

That is the brilliance of Reuben’s mystery novel. She is able to successfully turn an unlikable man into something more. The captivating story will suck the reader into the lives of the town’s residents. It’ll show the reader what the complexities of fire and arson investigations are like. In addition, one of many twists in the novel will show how love can be mysterious (and deceiving!) THE KNIGHT NEWS

The writing is clean with poetic turns of phrase, proving that while eccentricities are found in abundance in Killdeer, quirky doesn’t have to mean two-dimensional, formulaic, or unbelievable. The Skirt Man is a terrific and human small-town mystery, and I look forward to my next walk through the fire.  FANTASY BOOK SPOT.COM

Reuben’s book is both a charming look at small town life and its quirky characters as much as it is an eye-opening look at arson investigations. It’s hot stuff, indeed.  BAY RIDGE PAPERS – GO BROOKLYN

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