After a lengthy sabbatical from fire investigation (I got tired of stomping through buildings that looked like London after the Blitz), I found that I missed the challenge of figuring out where a fire had started…and how.

Mind you, I didn’t miss getting wet and dirty. After many years as a private arson detective and expert witness, I hung up my Sherlock Hat, closed the door to my office, and allowed my certification to lapse.

But to satisfy my yearning to return to the world of cinders and fire, I wrote Doe Eyes, a new Fritillary (Tilly) Quilter and Ike Blessing novel, and I am very excited about sending it out into the world.

Over the past few years, I have serialized a collection of stories—The Happy Store—and a novel, Parking Space: A Love Story, in The Evening Sun and Huntington News, my two newspaper columns, along with other yarns that struck my fancy.

My last book, Dabbling in Crime, is a collection of short stories first published in The Forensic Examiner and The Evening Sun, all of which dabbled, as the title so aptly conveys, in crime. But not exclusively the crime of arson.

My urban fable, My Mostly Happy Life: Autobiography of a Climbing Tree, is an illustrated fantasy which I loved writing, as it allowed me to strap wings on my imagination and fly.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my world. I hope that, as you explore these pages, you will find a book or two that also allows your imagination to take flight.

With all happy regards,

Shelly Reuben